Sunday, January 16, 2011

Piranha (Alexandre Aja)

'In the meat of the moment.'

Film Review Archive (date seen: November 13, 2010)

Should have been called "Naked Women with Some Piranhas". Alexandre Aja, whose "The Hills Have Eyes" remake I highly regard, immersed this film and himself with all the common elements of horror films, then multiplied the "over-the-top" factor by ten. The target of all the gore and violence isn't for genuine disturbances, but blood-wrapped punchlines for its supposed B-movie feel; and it fits, because the whole film's a complete joke.

Honestly, who would not want to see occasional nudity in films? But putting sequences involving such censorship-inspiring parts every couple of minutes to create a sinful atmosphere to justify the flesh-peeling deaths in the following moments for such a mainstream horror feature is quite pushing it. Jason, Freddy, and Michael (Myers) have one in each of their films, and so was the others. Two is alright, three is pretty acceptable, but to exceed more than that? That, I think, jeopardizes a film, especially if those scenes have no connections whatsoever with the narrative progression.

I'm not here to preach any "anti-nudity in films" advocacy, but the time that these said sequences have occupied in this film is a complete waste that when the piranhas finally attacked the deserving victims, it's not excitement and suspense I've felt, but more of a sigh-like inner mumbling stating, "oh, finally".

"Piranha" could have been a very taut film, but all the moments spent on nudity were too much when it could have been a hefty lot of time to use for some memorable foreshadowing. What resulted is a film filled with many bare-skinned women, less suspenseful ambiance, flawed logic, and a very lousy ending.


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