Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bruno (Larry Charles)

Sacha Baron Cohen back to his good ol' shenanigans.

Film Review Archive (date seen: December 8, 2010)

It was 2006 and I'm in high school when I've first watched "Borat" and liked it very much as I haven't seen anything quite like it before. "Borat's" satirical and distorted view of America in the eyes of an innocent Kazakh reporter was very original and rather quite repulsive that I knew by that period of time that nothing will surpass its extreme displays of political incorrectness and offensiveness.

Then fast forward to 2009, masterminds Sacha Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles conceived yet another "shockingly hilariously shocking" (yes, I'll put 'shocking' into repetition) persona in the fashion-clad guise of Bruno, a mock Austrian homosexual reporter bent on becoming world famous, find out the ropes of how to become one, and tread sensitive issues such as terrorism, race and the virtue of sexual preferences among others.

"Bruno" may not be necessarily better than "Borat"; I even thought that I can nitpick what's scripted from what's not quite easily. But "Bruno's" satire, although very graphic in nature, encompasses wider subjects, dealt with them with sharpness and straight-to-the-point vulgarities that it came out as a fuller film to properly convey Baron Cohen's twisted comic vision of this world: A place filled with self-righteous euphemisms
, pseudo-ideal sanctions and infested with hypocrisy.

One memorable scene though, the scene where Bruno (or Straight Dave) had an explicit reconciliation with Lutz, his assistant's assistant, in a UFC-like arena to the tone of "Titanic's" "My Heart will Go on". It's just ironic that a theme song of one of the most memorable heterosexual love stories on film is used as a musical backdrop of a not so subtle display of homosexuality. Only Sacha Baron Cohen has the outright guts to put all of this on celluloid, stay in character as long as it takes, and release it 'mainstream'. Get it. 'Mainstream'. Risky as hell.


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