Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mr. Nobody (Jaco Van Dormael)

Umm, will those stairs bring me to the end credits of this film?

Film Review Archive (date seen: December 22, 2010)

Very, very simple story about the impossibility of choice mixed randomly with pseudo-intellectual blabbering about life, time, and the complexities of the universe. All right, before someone out there clogs my brain with some mind channeling of such familiar lines as "You don't get the film's point", let this review speak for itself.

Of course, the visuals are very beautiful, 'too good' actually for a film with only a limited release. But eye-popping imagery, as how almost every film watchers out there will probably say, shall always be accompanied by a plot capable of grabbing one's attention for 2 or more hours; emotional and intellectual additions are absolutely sweet bonuses. That's a pretty simple rule of film engagement that "Mr. Nobody" has repeatedly ignored, wallowing itself in its timeline-circling, reality/illusion-breaking narrative, while we, alright, while 'I', sit on the opposite end of the screen always ready to support the film's emotional core, but "Mr. Nobody" looked like as if it prefers not to accommodate the viewers in its swollen intricacies. I would have liked the film's theme even more if it's handled by a more minimalist filmmaker because in that way, the emotions will always matter.

"Mr. Nobody" is an immensely extended music video that sings about the hardships of love, and about the difficulties of a universe heading into constant entropy. But as a film, it's a pretentious exercise of giving a statement about many things by saying patches about each, but never really materializing into one full, coherent sentence. There's a sequence halfway in the film where Nemo Nobody (Jared Leto) said something like: "Let's start back at the beginning". Well I have to say something, Mr. Nobody: "No, Thank you, I'm very much full".


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