Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Secret Society, Celebrities, Politics, the Devil, and a random citation of the film "Megiddo"...

Conceptual art of Obama as the Anti-Christ

Alright, before anything else, this is not an article about any conspiracy theories or nostradmus-esque predictions of the impending doom. This is just a firsthand experience inside the quiet confines of a library about overhearing some senseless conversations and how irritating it can really be.

It started like this:

(On a very serious, all-knowing voice, and yes he said it in english:)

Student 1: "Religion is separated in many different factions: There is the Catholic church, the Protestant blah blah..." (insert other religions and pedestrian words like 'evangelical'.)

My schoolmate (this is Student 2) listening intently to this man, urged me to join the little forum. I did not answer. But okay, I'll give it a try.

At first, it goes fine, just the way you would expect the 'internet generation' talk about things outside school requirements.

But then it suddenly went into a conversation closely resembling this one:

Student 1: Kilala mo si John F. Kennedy? Illuminati yon. Ibinenta nya ang kaluluwa niya sa demonyo para maging sikat at makapangyarihan. (You know John F. Kennedy? He's an Illuminati. He sold his soul to the devil to obtain fame and power.)

Student 2: Oo nga, kaya nga siya inassassinate eh, kasi dun sa isang speech nya, ibinunyag niya ang mga sikreto ng Illuminati. Tapos habang rumoronda siya (yes, that's the term), ayun pinapatay siya nung secret society. (Oh yes, that's why he's assassinated. He once revealed the Illuminati's secrets in his speech. Then while he is patrolling over the streets, he was killed by the secret society.)

(Student 1 nodding in agreement)

Student 1: Si Obama, Illuminati din yon. (Obama. He's also an Illuminati.)

Student 2: Oo, tama, alam ko may video yun. Nakikipag-anuhan siya sa isang lalaki. Ritual daw yun ng Illuminati. (That's right, and from what I know, he has some kind of a video of him sodomizing a man. They say that that's an Illuminati ritual.)

(From that point, I was shaking my head, (while I let it appear that I'm reading one of Jessica Zafra's "Twisted" books) while silently questioning how these two appear to say all of it with utter conviction, confidence and a straight face as if they've witnessed all of it firsthand.)

Student 1: Si Kobe at Lebron. Ibinenta din nila yung kaluluwa nila sa demonyo para maging sikat at magaling sa basketball. (Kobe and Lebron. They also sold their souls to the devil so that they can be famous and great at basketball.)

Student 2: Oo nga, nagtataka ako. Andaming magaling sa NBA, pero sa kanila lang lagi yung atensyon. (Yes, I wonder. There's so many great players in the NBA, but the attention is always focused on them.)

Lebron with the mysterious hand sign.

Wow, even the simple athletic skills of basketball was indebted to the dark side? How about Jordan, Magic, and Bird? Have they also dealt squarely with the horned one?

Then student 2 approached my classmate and recommended to him that he should also be researching about the concerned matter.

My classmate: Wala akong panahon para dyan. (I don't have time for that.)

I just laughed. Then after some time, student 1, who started it all, said goodbye to attend a class.

After another 5 minutes or so, all of us (including Student 2) started to talk about the financial potential of selling sari-sari store goods on Ebay, and how Brad Pitt and other celebrities would look like while eating 'Muncher' and other local junk foods. We also visualized 'Taho' vendors roaming the streets of L.A. every morning. We had a good laugh. The Illuminati intrigue was finally squashed.

(Note: Student 2 also mentioned Oprah in the 'Illuminati' conversation, but I rather not in this post.)

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